COMMA Holding Group

COMMA Holding Group is a leading private investment company based in the United Arab Emirates. The company has a group of specialized subsidiaries operating in different lines of business such as Wi-Fi, Water & Electricity, Networking, Value Added Services, Power supply and real estate.

COMMA is participating in boosting the development of the Emirates and extends its business relations with other countries and societies. The company's accomplishments also serve to develop its image as a preferred strategic partner to many regional and global organizations. The company has put forward many investment initiatives and opened doors to many development projects depending on the requirements of the domestic and regional market.

Chairman Message

Corporate Logo

COMMA's corporate identity and branding is a crucial part of its image. Creating and protecting a strong corporate branding will give value and credibility to our services and influence the way the public see us.

All Comma Group Subsidiaries must include the Comma Symbol in their logos in an acceptable design and in accordance to the Logo identity Guidliness
Download Corprate Logo Manual from here


The full colour logo should be used wherever possible


If the material is to be in mono(black)


If the material is to be in mono (black) without screen


If the material is to be in mono (black-Reverse)

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